Coronavirus Update for Mid City Pediatrics

Your health care providers at Mid City Pediatrics are actively monitoring the coronavirus situation. We are keeping up-to-date with the latest recommendations to keep your family safe.

COVID-19 Information:

If you think that your child is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and is in need of immediate medical attention, please call 911. We do offer an on-call service, but please note that some fees may apply. For more information on COVID-19 click here.

You may also visit the following sites:
HealthyChildren.Org – Novel-Coronavirus
CDC – Children – Coronavirus

We do offer testing at our clinic in certain cases. It is the doctor’s discretion as to whether your child should be tested for COVID-19. Testing at our facility may also be limited by available testing materials. We treat all of our sick patients in full PPE. Testing of suspected COVID-19 patients will also be done in full PPE. It may help to prepare your child for your upcoming visit. Your child may not be used to seeing his/her favorite pediatrician in a mask, goggles, or hazmat suit. If your child is being seen on the well side, we will also be wearing masks and gloves. Try to think of ways to make it fun and not scary!

Check-in procedure:

Many of our office procedures have changed. However you can rest assured that you will still be provided with the excellent care that you have come to expect from Mid City Pediatrics. ​Click here​ to learn about our recent check-in procedures.


We are now offering telemedicine visits at Mid City Pediatrics. Telemedicine visits offer a convenient way for our physicians to care for your child without having an actual “office visit.” For more information on our virtual visits please ​click here​.

We know that these are new and uncertain times. We hope to alleviate some of your worries with many of our recent changes. As always, Mid City Pediatrics is committed to providing you and your family with the very best pediatric care and will continue to do so.